Getting your tooth extracted is probably the last thing on your mind in case of sharp pain. Do not worry; you and your dentist are on the same page regarding this. However, some inevitable situations may lead to emergency teeth extractions. Let us have a look at 9 such instances where you must get your tooth pulled out.

Dental abscess

If bacteria manage to accumulate in large numbers to cause an infection, pus formation in the gum, tooth root or jaw bone is inevitable. The white stuff oozing out is known as a dental abscess.

A dental abscess can cause extreme throbbing pain in the mouth. Even if there is less significant discomfort, check whether pus is leaking out from your tooth or gums.

If you can spot an abscess, get in touch with a dentist for an emergency tooth extraction process since this does not resolve on its own.

If you let it be, the disease may move to other parts of the body via the blood.

Single Side Facial Swelling

Single-side facial swelling screams the presence of underlying dental issues. Usually, it is seen when there is a tooth abscess, salivary gland tumor, pericoronitis, cellulitis, or mumps.

Emergency teeth extractions become necessary if the swelling begins at the base because it is highly likely because of an infected root.

Loose tooth

If your tooth is hanging for any reason, be it an accident or localized infection, check it immediately. There may be signs of nerve damage, so treat it before your condition worsens.

Root-canal failure

The chances are less, but one cannot rule out its possibility. Intense pain in the surgical site zone and yellow or white pus indicate a root canal failure.

The endodontist takes digital x-rays to examine the affected tooth in this situation. Saving the tooth is always on the table; however, emergency tooth extraction cannot be averted if its condition is beyond repair.

Gum bleed

Your toothbrush should not see droplets of blood under normal conditions. You most likely have periodontal disease if you notice tiny red spots on your floss or brush.

Dental Trauma

You must not avoid dental care in emergencies like vehicular accidents. Oral surgeons perform a tooth extraction in an emergency to eliminate the possibility of infections.

Toothache After Dental Work Delay

You are most likely to go on the dentist’s chair if you have been postponing crucial dental restoration work. Persistent tooth pain with a linear increase in severity is one of the signs.

Damaged Dental Restorations and Consequent Metallic Taste In Mouth

If you have cavity filling in teeth and you also have bruxism, excessive teeth grinding chances are high of damaging old fillings; that too with bridges and crowns.

They may undergo cracks and permanent damage, causing pain and a metallic taste in the mouth as fillings begin leaking.

In that situation, either the filling is restored again, the crown/bridge is changed, or dental extraction takes place.

Teeth Crowding

If your teeth are becoming overcrowded and are causing discomfort or affecting your bite, extraction may be necessary to create more space.

Final Words

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