So, you’ve finally decided to spend on your smile but there’s something stopping you from it, let me guess, wisdom teeth? Patients with veneers, bridges, crown, or other dental restoration may still be good candidates for aligners in many situations. However, how do wisdom teeth fit into this picture? Let’s answer your question, “Can I get invisalign with wisdom teeth?” in this blog.

How Does Wisdom Teeth Affect Invisalign?

The wisdom teeth are the final pair of molars to erupt, and because of space restrictions in the mouth, they are frequently among the most impacted teeth. Managing wisdom teeth may be difficult since they occasionally form at odd angles. Even if they don’t break through the gums, they may still hurt and thus impede your development with invisalign.

Your dentist can, however, take an x-ray to determine whether your wisdom teeth may cause problems with your aligners. You can get invisalign before having your wisdom teeth removed if everything checks out.

If a dental surgeon extracts wisdom teeth during clear aligner therapy, it typically won’t stop the process. In order to ensure that your treatment goes as planned, your orthodontist might modify the aligner to create room for the surgical site or removed tooth.

Can You Get Invisalign with Wisdom Teeth?

Orthodontists advise extraction of wisdom teeth for invisalign therapy, even though they might not always be an issue. These are a few reasons provided by orthodontists for avoiding using invisalign in conjunction with impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Teeth Alignment

    Sometimes wisdom teeth might cause problems for your teeth’s alignment. Your dentist may advise getting rid of wisdom teeth first and pause the invisalign procedure for a while.

  • Other Teeth Movement

    Wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to shift, which is another reason orthodontist think you need to have them extracted in order to use invisalign. Other teeth are prone to being forced out of alignment by wisdom teeth as they push them forward. This can make it more challenging for invisalign to realign them.

  • Risk of Infection

    Wisdom teeth can harbor bacteria and food particles in your mouth, which can lead to the development of an infection. This can be painful and create delays if you have invisalign treatment, which makes it extremely problematic.

Final Say!

Can I get invisalign with wisdom teeth? Yes, it is possible to have invisalign treatment while having wisdom teeth, but the candidacies are often evaluated on the base of the individual cases. It is preferable to have your wisdom teeth extracted before starting invisalign to avoid any damage.

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