You might be wondering if you can restore your chipped tooth by a dentist, without removing the tooth. Well, there are options, medical science has advanced and has come a long way. You no longer need to feel shy or embarrassed if your tooth is chipped. Here is how a dentist will fix a small chipped tooth:


The simplest and easiest treatment for a chipped tooth is bonding, where the dentist will add a composite material over the healthy area of the tooth. The material is molded to fit your tooth, which will give a natural look at the end. The process is simple, non-invasive, and pain-free. The material is attached using a blue light that hardens almost immediately, which means you do not have to take many precautions for the bonding agent to set into place. This is the simplest procedure for fixing a chipped tooth. However, if you need a fix for your chipped tooth, then you can contact Precision Smile Dentistry’s dentist office that offers multiple solutions, such as veneers and crowns.

If you have a chipped tooth and need alternative solutions other than bonding, then you can go for veneers; a layer added atop the teeth for better aesthetics of a smile. The extra layer helps protect the tooth’s surface from damage and decay. If you are wondering how much it costs? Well, the prices vary, but it won’t cost you a fortune for sure. Furthermore, it will beautify your smile almost instantly, which is a great advantage.

The clinic offers multiple payment options to its patients which includes cash, personal check, credit cards, debit cards, insurance plans, Care Credit, and HSA payments. They also have an annual membership plan for ONLY $299. This yearly plan includes X-rays, 2 exams, 2 regular cleanings, 2 fluoride treatments, no deductibles, and a 15-20% discount on additional services.

About Dr. Yousaf

Dr. Yousaf spent most of his life in Upstate, New York in the state’s capital, Albany. After finishing his high school education in New York, he moved abroad to a 4-year dental college. After completing his degree in Bachelors of Dental Surgery, he moved back to Washington, DC, where he did 2 more years of advanced studies at Howard University to receive his DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery in all honors.

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