Cracks and chips in teeth aren’t uncommon. Whether it’s triggered by biting down hard on something hard or by a nasty injury, cracked teeth are a nightmare to deal with. Plus, depending on how badly the tooth was affected, a dentist calculates if it can be restored or not. In most cases, a minor crack can be bonded. However, a cracked tooth resulting from the root canal, where it breaks off entirely, might be a little complicated to fix.

Can a Tooth Break After a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are highly successful. They’re known to deeply get rid of cavities and save your teeth from harm. So, is it even possible for it to break a tooth?

Although it’s extremely rare, one of the unexpected side effects of root canal therapy is tooth fractures and cracks. It mainly depends on how strong your tooth is and whether your dental health can withstand the treatment.

A root canal cracked tooth is hard to pinpoint on X-rays, and sometimes there isn’t even any pain. This is why regularly scheduled visits to the dentist are so important.

What Happens If a Root Canal Tooth Is Cracked?

In case of a cracked or fractured tooth, post-root canal treatment, you will need to get it checked immediately. Your dentist will see the severity of the crack and then deduce which treatment would be ideal.

Sometimes, you might just need another root canal. Other times, dental bonding or sealants can help keep the tooth in shape, especially if the crack is small.

Nonetheless, if the fracture is too big, a dental crown will be placed atop your tooth to prevent it from further damage.

Cracked Tooth After Root Canal Symptoms

Considering how there’s not a lot of pain or discomfort associated with a cracked tooth, here are some signs you can pay attention to and be on the lookout for:

Heightened tooth sensitivity
Toothache that won’t go away
Feeling jagged ends or a gap in your teeth when running your tongue across the teeth.
Swollen Gums
Difficulty biting down or eating food

How to Treat a Root Canal Cracked Tooth

Generally, a cracked tooth is a dental emergency. When you go to see a dentist, they will first ask for an x-ray. This will help detect if there are any major cracks or fissures in your teeth. If the x-ray doesn’t show anything, the dentist will inspect your pearly whites themselves.

Moreover, if your cracked tooth is a result of a failed root canal, your dentist will explain to you if it need to be extracted or replaced via a dental crown. This will include placing a strong pontic tooth atop the broken teeth, safeguarding it from further pain and damage.

Is The Cracked Tooth Too Painful To Bear?

If your root canal procedure failed and resulted in a cracked tooth, contact Precision Smile Dentistry immediately.

A cracked or broken tooth is considered to be a dental emergency and should be treated urgently.

Nonetheless, for more information, you can also reach out to us at (540) 300-2255 (Stafford) or (202) 552-0077 (Washington). Or, for an in-person visit, you can drop by our dental clinic at any of the following locations:

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