Do you have a discolored, chipped, or slightly damaged tooth? The good news is that there is a permanent fix for this, veneers. They are a great option to improve the appearance of your teeth. Other than the cosmetic changes mentioned, they can also close gaps between your teeth to make them look appropriate size.

After we are done placing Veneers on your teeth, they will give you a beautiful, perfectly natural-looking smile.

Why Are Veneers Permanent?

Veneers are thin shell-like structures of porcelain or composite material that are specifically designed to fit over the frontal surface of your teeth.

One of the reasons why veneers are thought of as a permanent solution is because they are bonded to the front side of your teeth with the help of a special dental adhesive. Once this porcelain, wafer-thin structures are bonded to your tooth enamel, they become a permanent part of your teeth.

Other than adhesion, the reason why veneers are permanent is that they are extremely durable and last for a very long time span.

If you properly take care of and maintain them, your porcelain veneers can last for many years, even up to 20 years or more.

Moreover, they are made to be resistant to staining and discoloration. That is why they easily maintain their bright, white appearance for many years.

Teeth Shaved For Veneers

Veneers are permanent because once they are applied to teeth, the first step is a modification of the underlying tooth structure – slight shaving of teeth enamel.

The enamel cannot regenerate itself, but its removal is essential in order to make space for your veneer. Shaving teeth is irreversible; therefore, once applied, they cannot be removed without damaging the underlying tooth.

Is There an Alternate Treatment?

Yes, there is not one, but multiple alternative treatments. Let’s talk about dental bonding. The entire procedure involves using a tooth-colored resin material, which is added to the surface of your tooth enamel. Then, its shape is changed and hardened to match the color of your surrounding teeth. Bonding can easily repair chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration in the teeth, just like veneers.

Other than that, the next alternative treatment comes under the orthodontic treatment bridge. The examples include options such as braces or clear aligners, which are best for straightening and realigning the teeth.

Final Words

In a nutshell, veneers are a solid permanent solution to improve your teeth’ appearance. They are bonded on the tooth enamel, are durable, long-lasting, and resist stains and discoloration.

But, even though they are permanent, you must still maintain a good oral hygiene regime. This includes visits to your dentist regularly. You can always get in touch with professional dental care experts from Precision Smile Dentistry for your queries. Just dial (540) 300 2255 Stafford and (202) 552 0077 Washington locations to connect with us.

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