Custom Mouth Guards and Night Guards in Stafford County VA

Woman With Hypersensitive Teeth Eating Ice LollyNight guards – Tooth wear. Sensitivity to heat or cold. Loosened teeth, fractures, and headaches. These things
can happen from grinding your teeth, most of the time while you sleep. As many as 90% of us grind our teeth at
There is some evidence that a bite out of alignment contributes to bruxism, but most agree stress is the problem.
Come and see us for an evaluation. Our practice can relieve the damages of bruxism with a custom dental appliance.
The best solution: learning how to handle the stress in your life

Dr. Yousaf provides custom mouth guards and night guards for the residents of Stafford County, Quantico Base, Manassas, Woodbridge, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Garrisonville, and Roseville, VA.