• Nov 15 How Your Dentist Can Treat Sleep Apnea

    Dr Yousaf and the team at Precision Smile Dentistry in/near Stafford sometimes treat patients that complain of feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep, or they hear complaints about patients who snore during their sleep (usually from their bed partner Sleep apnea is difficult for the sufferer to identify in themselves; they’re always asleep when it happens)These are symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) OSA, or sleep apnea, is...  Read More

  • Oct 18 Five Reasons to Get a Regular Teeth Cleaning from Your Dentist

    Dr Yousaf and the team at Precision Smile Dentistry are sensitive to the idea that dental visits are inconvenient and may be uncomfortable These are understandable reasons to avoid a conscientious schedule of visits for regular teeth cleaning near Stafford County, Quantico, Manassas, Woodbridge, Fredricksburg, Spotslyvania, Garrisonville, and Roseville, VA Regular teeth cleanings with Dr Yousaf are the most effective way to keep teeth clean,...  Read More