Toothache is mostly quite sudden and can start at any part of the day. Knowing what to do for emergency toothache relief helps a lot in such a case scenario. The best option is to talk to your dentist. But, if you cannot reach out immediately, follow these simple 11 tips to get rid of your toothache.

11 Home-based Treatments for Emergency Toothache Relief

The toothache may be due to a hole – cavity, or any other reason, so use these tips for pain relief.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs Available OTC

OTC or over-the-counter pain killers are the fastest way for emergency toothache relief. The reason behind this is that they are readily available at all times. Painkillers come in various forms in the market, from topical ones to tablets. Usually, topical gels work best for superficial toothache relief.

Cold Compress

A cold compress or an ice pack immensely lowers inflammation. It is one of the easiest ways to stop tooth pain fast. They numb the area temporarily, helping reduce toothache for relief in emergencies.

There are multiple options, a unique formula of a cold pack, or you can use a bag of frozen vegetables too.

Warm Pack

Not only a cold compress or an icepack, but a warm pouch also gives relief. You should be careful not to use a hot pack, just mildly warm.

Acupressure To Help Tooth Pain

According to research, pressurizing specific points on the body releases chemicals that help to relieve from pain – toothache too in most situations.

Do Tea Bags Work for Emergency Toothache Relief?

Yes, they do, especially the peppermint variant. They are a delicious way to get rid of toothache, which is not unbearable to an extent. However, please note that you are not supposed to use hot tea. Firstly, prepare your cup and enjoy it. Next, let the bags sit, and once it cools down, put them on the affected area.

Saltwater Solution for Emergency Tooth Pain

A saltwater solution has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that show two effects. The first one is keeping bacteria at bay and killing existing ones. Second, lowers inflammation.

Topical Anesthetics

Topical anesthetic gels are one of the marvels of science in case of emergency toothache relief. They are the fastest to respond to tooth pain for comfort. These medicinal ointments numb the area within minutes and stop pain impulses.

Clove Oil

A vintage, popular cure for toothache, which is not only present in homes but also in pharmacies. Its use is pretty simple, too; drop 1 teaspoon of clove essential oil into a vehicle and mix. Then, dip a cloth or cotton and press against the pain site.

Garlic Works

Garlic is a vintage ingredient and a part of our lives forever. In addition to its flavor, garlic is known for its medicinal characteristics. It not only kills harmful bacteria but also acts as a tooth pain reliever.

Mouthwash For Toothache

Many anti-inflammatory types of mouthwash are available to get rid of the pain.

Baking Soda

Baking soda paste is one of the best means to kill bacteria. Mixing baking soda and water together to make its paste. Next, apply on the site for relief.

To Conclude

Remedies used at home are a great way to get rid of toothache in emergencies. However, if your toothache is persistent or getting worse, talk to a dentist from Precision Smile Dentistry at (540) 300-2255 (Stafford) or (202) 552-0077 (Washington)

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