The gums are primarily soft tissues that wrap around your teeth. They are soft and fragile that suffer from a cut pretty easily; this is why they bleed so often. A cut on the gums may not be as grave of a problem as you think.

Cut on the Gums – Causes

Every person suffers from their fair share of bruises and cuts that is on almost every part of the skin, including their mouth. Let’s take a look at some most common causes of a cut on the gums.

The gums are pretty fragile and soft tissues that may suffer from damage even with the softest of impact. And the probability of it happening increases multifold because the mouth is in use most of the time for eating or drinking. Additionally, after meals, floss and brush may also cause this issue; for example, a slight slip from the brush can easily cause bruising.

Cut on the Gums – Treatment

Here is what you should do to stop the gums from bleeding after they have a cut on them.

Stop the bleed immediately

Gently put a paper towel or, if you don’t have that, a clean piece of cloth on the gum. Let it stay for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Now, take the cloth off slowly and rinse your mouth with ice-cold water. This is done to wash off the blood and any debris on the gum cut site.

Saltwater rinse

Use the saltwater solution as a mouth rinse alternative. It works very well as an antibacterial. Just take 1 part salt and 1 part water; dissolve them together and form a solution. Next, simply swish it around the oral cavity for about 2 minutes, then spit. Repeat the whole process at least twice a day.

Diet Modification

Diet changes are important, do not eat anything solid or foods that have sharp edges, such as chips. Any additional cut from it can greatly reduce the chance of healing of the cut on the gums.

Moreover, reduce intake of citrus fruits as well as hot beverages since they might sting. The best option is soft or semi-solid foods until you fully recover.

Cool It

Cool it with ice packs or cold compress on the cut gums since it can numb the area temporarily and ease the pain to a good extent. You have a choice of either using a cloth dipped in ice cold water or sucking on ice cubes.

Pain Medication OTC

OTC medications are rapid acting and extremely helpful. Some of the drugs in this category include Ibuprofen and acetaminophen; they ease pain due to cuts on the gums.

Final Words

Cut on your gum is not something very serious; and probably will resolve on its own. But, if the bleeding does not stop, head to Precision Smile Dentistry. for a full checkup. Call now at Stafford (540) 300-2255 or Washington (202) 552-0077.

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